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MVP POD V2 Disc Stacker
MVP POD V2 Disc Stacker
MVP POD V2 Disc Stacker

MVP POD V2 Disc Stacker

Regular price$89.99

Since we released the Pod last year we’ve received tons of great feedback from you all. One of the most requested features was the ability to make it taller. To that end – please welcome the Pod v2! Featuring a refined base for a lower footprint, the Pod v2 also includes two 3” extensions for adjusting its height. These extenders can also be added to the disc holding portion for even more space for discs! Customize your equipment for the most comfortable practice sessions you could ask for!


  • The top of the stacking plate stands 31″- 37″ from ground
  • Includes two 3″ extension adjustments
  • Holds up to 32 discs: 32 drivers and 26 putters
  • All metal construction with a powder-coated outer shell
  • Compact easily transportable disassembled unit
  • Ideal tool for taking the work out of practice and putting the focus on your form

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