Brad Schick Edition Birdie Bag

Brad Schick Edition Birdie Bag

Regular price$10.00

Get a grip on your game, and support Team Discraft Disc Golf / Team Hazy's own Brad Schick when you purchase this bag.

The Birdie Bag is made from a thirsty blend of kiln dried wood powder. Simply pat the Birdie Bag on your hands or disc and wipe off the excess for a natural-feeling dry grip. The wood particles expand two to three times their size to absorb unwanted moisture and oils without leaving a sticky residue like chalk and rosin. With multiple world champions & top pros trusting their grip to the Birdie Bag since 1996, it has become a staple in disc golf. The Birdie Bag leaves hands dry -- for a no slip grip!

We ship all discs bagged and box for just $3 for orders under $50. And free shipping for orders over $50. Most orders ship same or next day.

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