Best Towel Clip

Best Towel Clip

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Why do we call this Magnetic clip The Best Towel Clip?

Simply attach one side to your bag, then the other to your towel. the clips stays put when you need it, or give it a tug and its free to use away from your bag. No need to fiddle with pesky clips and key loops. that's right, its magnetic!

Its Lightweight- Under 30 Grams, that's pinch over an ounce. 6 clips weigh less than your Driver!

It can hold Over 7 pounds - That is approximately the weight of my cat,  Or a G-Series Grip w/ some Discs

Withstands the wind to 50+ MPH - Lets just say it stayed flapping in the back of the truck for several exits before we lost it... sorry for littering. 

Not 1, But 2 Aluminum Carabiners - One for your bag and one for the towel.


We ship all discs bagged and box for just $3 for orders under $50. And free shipping for orders over $50. Most orders ship same or next day.

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