Peyton Miller


      Home Town : Fort Wayne, Indiana (born & raised in Dayton, Ohio)
      PDGA # : 126492
      How long have I've played : 5
      Manufacturer Sponsor : Discraft Underground
      Division : FPO
      My sports hero : Raevyn Rogers
      One sentence why : Raevyn was inspiring to watch compete as she was so good, consistent, and clearly would lay down everything she could for her team.
      My biggest Disc Golf accomplishment or proudest moment in the sport : Finishing T2 at the 2023 Amateur World Championships. After day 1 (with some partially completed rounds by the field) and a 36 hour delay in play, I was sitting in 42nd place. Through the stress and changes, I was able to reset and refocus on having fun and making the most of the experience. After the fourth round, I had bumped up to T4th and went on to win the playoff hole for a chance to play in the final 9. After a long week, with all kinds of adjustments, I was able to shoot the hot final 9 to bump up to 2nd! It was even sweeter to have a friend and fellow Hoosier finish first. A week/experience that I won’t ever forget.
      Favorite disc color : Coral (pink/orange)
      Preferred Driver Weight : 170-172 most often
      Max Distance Driver : Discraft Glo Z Scorch
      Preferred Putter : Jawbreaker Roach
      I fell in love with Disc Golf at : Tillman Park
      My Can't miss Event is : Ledgestone
      One interesting thing about me not disc golf related. : I have two sets of twin brothers.

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