Since 2002 we've taken pride in being THE place for disc golf in the Miami Valley. We hope this new website not only increases our local service, but we look forward to serving the online community as well.

Find the exact disc you're looking for in an inventory of over 10,000 discs with 3 high quality images for each. Want to know how flat or domey your new disc will be? Don't take our word for it -- check out the profile picture. Looking for that perfect swirl? The right markings on the underside? We've got a photo for that too. Take advantage of our robust search feature and filter by rim color, core color, brand, speed, or mold to find exactly what you need. We don't filter or edit our images. The disc you pick is the disc we ship.

 We stock all the latest releases from your favorite manufacturers, and every order ships bagged and boxed at no extra charge. Over the next few weeks we will work to load more products for your disc golf needs, including bags, baskets, Sportsack's, Kwik Stik's, and much much more!

We take great pride in our customer service -- it's one of the most important things a business should do. But we are human and new to the online world, so we may make mistakes. Please be patient with us as we work out the kinks. If you're dissatisfied, please reach out to us and we will do everything we can to make things right. Our goal is to give you the closest experience to being in our shop as we can. We offer free in-store pick up and an all-new reward system for local customers or golfers just passing through. If you're ever in Dayton make sure to stop in and say hi.

Made in Ohio; online to the world. Welcome to HazyShade.com!


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