Meet Team Hazy Shade - Christine Jennings

You may have seen Christine Jennings around the US throwing in tournaments, hosting clinics, or just enjoying a casual round locally. You also may have seen her on Disc Golf Pro Tour coverage providing live commentary alongside the legendary Disc Golf Guy, Terry Miller. We wanted you to get to know one of the nicest people in disc golf, so here are a few Q&As with 2019 PDGA Rookie of the Year, Team Hazy Shade's Christine Jennings.
Q: What year did you start playing disc golf?

A: 2016

Q: What about disc golf keeps you playing? 
A: I like being able to control every aspect of how I play. The amount of work that I put in is the amount of results I will see. No one else can affect that. I also love connecting with the community and watching disc golf grow as a sport.
Q: What are your favorite discs?
A: Driver: Innova Discs Sidewinder - I love the Star Sidewinder because it's technically a distance driver, but the rim is smaller so it's easier to control- but it has massive glide! My 2021 Tour Series Sidewinder was a staple in my bag last year. Be on the lookout for my 2022 disc!
Mid: Innova Discs Star Wombat3 - This disc is amazing in the woods. As a person that loves understable discs, the Wombat3 is amazing for controlled turnover shots or dead straight flip up shots. It also has a ton of glide, so if I have to hit a gap in the woods that's further than I can throw a putter, the Wombat3 would be my disc of choice.
Putter: Innova Discs DX P&A Aviar - I've used this disc since I started playing disc golf. It feels great in the hand and is very neutral. I love to putt with them because they hold the line rather than wanting to stable out too soon. I recycle my broken-in putting putters as a throwing putter. I'm able to throw some fun finesse shots in the woods with my Aviars!
Q: What's your most memorable disc golf moment?

A: My most memorable moment would probably winning 2018 Glass Blown Open in FA1. I averaged well above my rating that weekend and won by 2 strokes in a field of 39 women. That was my second year as a traveling amateur and I was super excited to be able to get that win. The atmosphere at that event was great and I remember being extremely nervous as there were many spectators at the same courses watching FPO at the time. That was a great stepping stone to 2019 where I moved up to FPO and achieved my goal of obtaining the 2019 Rookie of the Year title.

Q: What is your best disc golf round so far?

A: My best round was a 997 rated round at the Wright Brothers Open in 2019.  It was at my home course at the time, Sycamore Trails in Miamisburg, OH, and I remember hitting every single line I imagined.  I missed a couple putts that round and it sadly prevented me from pushing over 1000 rated. I hope to have a 1000 rated round in 2022!

Q: What's your home course and your favorite course you've played?
A: Home Course - Karohl Park, Beavercreek, OH. Favorite course - WR Jackson in Appling, GA
Be sure to follow along Christine's disc golf journey on Instagram and Facebook!


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